Empowering Education: School Supply Distribution in Mohali Schools Under One Group’s CSR Initiative


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn’t just a catchphrase or an annual event; it’s an ethical obligation for companies to make a positive difference in the communities they operate in. One Group, a leading organization in Mohali, has truly embraced this notion, especially when it comes to education. Spearheaded by Nidhi Jain, the Head of Purchase at One Group, a complete set of school supplies was recently distributed to underprivileged kids in schools around Mohali.

About the Initiative

It’s easy to overlook the importance of basic school supplies when discussing the educational crisis, but the fact is, these tools are fundamental for learning. Under the leadership of Nidhi Jain, One Group has ensured that children have access to essential supplies such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, and more. This initiative aims to bridge the educational divide and enable these students to reach their full potential.

The Process

Nidhi Jain and her team went through a meticulous planning process to make this project a success. They started by conducting a survey to identify the most critical needs of the schools in Mohali. Once the necessities were catalogued, Nidhi oversaw the procurement process, ensuring that high-quality materials were purchased and distributed.

The Distribution Event

The actual distribution was a heartfelt event that brought smiles to the faces of young students. Nidhi Jain personally visited several schools in the Mohali area, accompanied by volunteers from One Group. The delight was visible on the children’s faces as they received their new school supplies. For many, these weren’t just supplies; they were a ticket to a brighter future.

The Impact

The impact of such an initiative is profound, both immediately and in the long term. Immediate benefits include increased attendance rates and engagement in classrooms, as children are now more equipped to participate in learning activities. In the long term, having access to basic educational supplies can instill a sense of self-worth among students, encouraging them to aim higher in their academic pursuits.


The CSR initiative led by Nidhi Jain is more than just a philanthropic activity; it’s an investment in the future of the country. By providing something as basic yet crucial as school supplies, One Group, under the expert guidance of their Head of Purchase, has empowered children to break the cycle of poverty and stride confidently towards a brighter future.

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