One Group to invest Rs 300 crore in stuck project in Mohali

The NCLT had approved the plan earlier this month, giving hope to over 1,000 homebuyers who...
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Amenities That You Must Look for While Renting an Apartment in Bhiwadi

It sometimes may happen that you get immediately what exactly you had been looking for. But,...
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How Plots/Flats in Rohtak tend to satisfy their customers’ needs?

Residential requirements are mostly far too in cursive and complex than other purposes or end...
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How Mukhyamantri Jan Awas Yojana Bhiwadi is supposed to be changing lives

Housing is certainly a primary need for proper survival, as well as having a chance for a good...
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Tips not Found Anywhere if you’re Looking to Purchase Plots in Rohtak

At its core essence, the concerns about property can feature many considerations, as well as...
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Ready to Move Flat in Bhiwadi

Anand Lok, Bhiwadi is a famous and successful project of One Group Developers. One Group...
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