Warming Hearts and Lives: One Group’s Initiative to Distribute Warm Clothes to Construction Workers in Mohali

 IntroductionAs the chilly winds start to sweep through Mohali, the laboring workforce faces...
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Empowering Education: School Supply Distribution in Mohali Schools Under One Group’s CSR Initiative

Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn't just a catchphrase or an annual...
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Building A Better Tomorrow: Distribution for the Welfare of Construction Workers in Rohtak

Introduction In an industry often marked by challenging labor conditions and stringent...
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One Group to invest Rs 300 crore in stuck project in Mohali

The NCLT had approved the plan earlier this month, giving hope to over 1,000 homebuyers who...
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Amenities That You Must Look for While Renting an Apartment in Bhiwadi

It sometimes may happen that you get immediately what exactly you had been looking for. But,...
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How Plots/Flats in Rohtak tend to satisfy their customers’ needs?

Residential requirements are mostly far too in cursive and complex than other purposes or end...
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