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Photograph of Work in One City, Sector-98, 99 and 105.



Formalities pertaining to renewal of license, drawings and services have begun. Work has begun in departments including but not limited to PSPCL, GMADA, PUDA, and RERA.

The development work also has already started. Regular updates are being provided on this page with images.

All requests made on the form below shall be dealt with in priority.

Since the order was released on 15th June, the control was given to the Monitoring Committee. The Monitoring committee is handing over control of Puma Realtors Pvt Ltd to One group Developers. The hand over period is to be completed by 29th August. After that One Group Developer shall be in control.

Mr Pawan Garg, earstwhile RP is now chairman o the monitoring committee and his role, along with other members of the Monitoring Committee is to ensure implementation of the Plan. You are requested to route all your requests or queries to One Group Developers, via the forms provided below.

One Group Developers are being handed over the control by the Monitoring Committee. Once the hand over is complete, One Group shall start with the documentation work. All requests received on the CRM Centre shall be dealt with on priority basis.

Only after the development work is started, One Group shall raise demands or payments. The demands shall be raised on the email id through which claim was filed.

One Group Developers has acquired Puma Realtors Pvt Ltd. Puma Realtors Pvt Ltd has the projects Hub, Rise and Hamlet. However, “IREO” brand name belongs to the Ireo Group.
One Group will retain the project names but can not use the Ireo brand name. The projects shall be renamed One Rise, One City Hamlet, and One City Hub accordingly.

A certificate of the name change shall be provided to the homebuyers for their convenience. The same has been approved in the resolution plan vide clause reproduced hereunder –

26.30. Resolution Applicant shall be allowed to make any modification in name of project, branding, etc at their sole discretion and all concerned parties/stake holders shall provide NOC for the same if required.

All authorities including RERA, GMADA, PSPCL shall now recognize One Group and One Rise, One City Hamlet, and One City Hub along with their previous names.

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