One City, Rohtak (10 Acre) – RERA Details

(i) The name of partners, directors, associates etc. in case the promoter is other than an individual.

S.No. Name Email ID
1. Sunil Kumar Jain
2. Dipika Jain
3. Sanjay Hasija
4. Sumit Surjewala


(ii) Information relating to the real estate projects developed by the promoter in past five years, as submitted to the Authority.

For details of residential projects –

For details of commercial projects –

(iii) Location, and geographical map of the site of the project. Landmarks near the site should also be given.

Location map of One City Rohtak


(iv) Copy of the registration certificate granted by the Authority.

Rera Certificate for – 10.48906 acres land.

(vi) Specifications of the project including:

(a) Size of the land of the project – 10.48906 acres land

(b) Number and types of the apartments/ plots proposed to be constructed in whole of the project. If the project is proposed to be constructed in phases, the number of apartment/ plots to be constructed in each phase.

Size – admeasuring 84 sq mtrs –                     157 (Numbers)

Size – admeasuring 105.22 sq mtrs –              25 (Numbers)

Size – admeasuring 117.585 sq mtrs –             14 (Numbers)

Size – admeasuring 127.425 sq mtrs –            13 (Numbers)

Size – admeasuring 99.69 sq mtrs –                15 (Numbers)

Comprehensive list of the infrastructural facilities and amenities to be provided as a part of the project which shall be passed on to the Resident Welfare Associations after completion of the project.

  1. Roads hierarchy including pavements – 24 meter wide & 9 meter wide (As per approval layout plan)
  2. Water supply system – Water pipeline, Overhead Water Tank and Underground water tank with pump room.
  3. Sewerage system – Sewer Line and STP.
  4. Storm water drainage
  5. Playground and parks
  6. Electricity supply system
  7. Fire Fighting System – under ground tank
  8. Internal solid waste collection system
  9. Rain water harvesting
  10. Street lights

(vii) Copy of the sanctioned layout plans, and all other plans which the promoter has submitted to the State Government while seeking licence for the project as well as to the Authority for getting the project registered.

Revised Layout Plan & Approved Layout Plan


(viii) Facilities to be provided by the promoter on the additional land/ area/ space, if any, which is not included in the total cost of the project, which the promoter will retain and operate on commercial basis. –  N/A


(ix) Detailed specifications and quality of construction of the various infrastructural facilities and amenities as per provision and approval of the service plan estimates by the competent Authority.

(x) Detailed specifications and quality of construction of apartments. – N/A

Particular Planned
(i) Internal roads hierarchy (Different sizes) 9 mtr road – 8420.59 sqmt

24 mtr wide road – 2260 sqmt

(ii) Water supply system (Pump house, lines of different sizes, tube wells) 1071 & 1 Pump house
(iii)  Sewerage system (Details of each installations like sewerage lines, pump house, processing of sewage treatment plant) 1500 sewer line.

1 STP (approx 400 KLD)

(iv)  Electricity (Sub-station, transformers, 11 KV lines, distribution lines  and street lights) Under planning
(vi) Schools and other community buildings. 4250.08 sqmt plot to be transferred to Haryana Govt
(vii) Neighbourhood shopping 1 Commercial Sites
(viii) Green areas

•     Parks

•     Playground

•     Green belt

Parks – 5477.90 sqmt


Green belt – 1410.26 sqmt

(ix)     Storm drainage 1400
External development works  10.48906 acres


(xi) The proforma of the allotment letter. – N/A


(xii) Proforma of the agreement for sale of apartment/ plot.


(xiii) Details of the bank account in which 70{1f0d5a6ad26dea8add2001d4fcbfe173049b569bdcec69478300013f51ffff35} of the receipts from the apartment allottees will be kept.

Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank

Branch: Rohtak

Account No.:2612575532    

IFSC Code: KKBK0000172


Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank

Branch: Rohtak

Account No.:2612575037    

IFSC Code: KKBK0000172


(xiv) Quarterly schedule of construction of infrastructure facilities. N/A


(xv) Quarterly schedule of construction of the apartments. N/A


(xvi) list of approvals already received from the State or Local Authorities. –

  1. Licence number for the project granted by the State Government of Haryana – 32 of 2017 dated 15.06.2017
  2. Demarcation & Zoning


(xvii) list of approvals which are yet to be received/ obtained. –


  1. CTE under Air Act & water Act filed on 20/01/2018.


(xviii) The name, address, phone number and email Id of the registered real estate agents, if any, through whom booking for the projects shall be done. N/A


(xix) Quarterly updated list of the number and types of apartments/ plots or garages booked. 

S.No. Plot Area No. of Plots
1. 102.47 Sq. Yds. 2
2. 87.68 Sq. Yds. 1
3. 126.00 Sq. Yds. 3
4. 100.50 Sq. Yds. 1
5. 152.50 Sq. Yds 1


(xx) Details of ongoing litigation relating the project and to the real estate projects developed in last five years or being developed by the promoter in the state of Haryana or outside the state. N/A


(xxi) Particulars of the Consultants, Contractors, Architects, Structural Engineers, or other persons involved in the development of the project. –

Architect of the project  –

Shiv Kumar – 1287, Sec 44B, Chandigarh

Contact no. – 09872614600

Email –


(xxii) Quarterly progress of various components of the project.– Udit